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Compass Technology is the 21st Century solution for changing technology. We provide solutions for office networking and technology that increase efficiency, cut down on miscommunications, and let the office run smoothly. Whatever technological challenges you have Compass will design a custom plan specific to your business that enhances productivity . Whether it’s an upgrade or a total technology overhaul, we navigate the technology with you.


office phones

Our Services

Whatever technological challenges you have Compass will design a custom plan specific to your business that enhances productivity!

voice over ip phone system

"VoIP" or "Hosted" Phone Systems

  • Cost Efficiency:  A Hosted System poses fewer expenses in the form of repairs and downtime compared to a traditional “on-premise” system.  In addition hosted telephony requires little to no complex infrastructure purchases for set up.
  • Scalability:  A Hosted System enables your communication needs to grow seamlessly with your business!  This solution enables you to add phones, extensions and even connect mobile devices without facing hardware limitations of an “on-premise” system.
  • Maintenance:  All “up-keep” of a Hosted Solution is handled by the provider and covered in your cost.  No need for in-house staff dedicating time to keep your system running smoothly.
  • Disaster Recovery:  When the power goes out so does your traditional phone system!  While your power may be out and your phones are on, your Hosted System is still up an running in our providers protected Data Center environment.  Auto-attendant, voicemail and even call forwarding are all still working… and your business is still running!

network design

Network Design

  • For businesses who are struggling with older equipment and need to bring their network into the 21st century or those who are just starting out, Compass will work with you to design and install a robust, secure and cost effective network that will keep your business running prosperously!
  • Network security, wireless access, and gigabit ethernet speeds are some of the network needs that are missing among growing businesses.  Compass can work with you to choose the right products for you and implement them!

voice data cabling

Voice and Data Cabling

  • Moving to a new space?  Compass will work with you to design a network cabling plan and install the necessary infrastructure to be sure you have all the necessary cable drops the day you move in.
  • Renovating?  Some times cables need to be moved or added.  Compass will help you decide what is necessary and what is not and keep your costs down and your efficiency up!
  • Adding employees or technology?  Sometimes it’s just a cable or two that you need.  Compass can get that done for you too!

audio visual

Audio Visual

  • Whether you are planning some big presentations or just looking to install a TV for the office, Compass Tech can take care of any AV needs you might have.
  • Conference and Presentation device installation and setup
  • TV mounting
  • Office sound

video surveillance

Video Surveillance

  • Whether it’s employee safety, building security or an insurance necessity, camera systems can help protect you and your business.  Compass will help design a plan and choose a system that is best for you!

cellular extender

Cellular Extenders

  • Today’s cellular technology is crucial to many businesses!  But sometimes it just can’t reach you.  If the cell reception in your facility is lacking there are ways to fix that.  Compass can work with your company to choose a cellular extender system that is right for your facility and install it to bring cellular service to all parts of your business!


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